What It Means to Seize the Spark – A BonBon

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A BonBon by Faith Lynella

The spark is more than in insight—a glimmer of a lightbulb going on. That would be quite enough to gain it a place of honor among our everyday thinking. But its power and influence go way beyond that.

A spark of insight ignites other thoughts. It can act like a firecracker: Pop! Pop! Pop! Maybe launching fireworks that make your best ideas shine bright. But it is too narrow to only consider the quantity and quality of the ideas that arise. Look at the energy being released. It energizes! It ignites whatever thoughts you’ve held that resemble it.

The mind is involved, surely, but so are the emotions, and your body too. All of you is united in the energetic surge of an aha! Savor that sensation, along with the light it brings (in all its forms). For that brings more light (delight) into your thinking, into your life.

Each spark is a call to action. It comes with an imperative: Do something with this! Fan the flame so it grows brighter. Bring it into tangible reality. Let its novelty carry you away. Blow on the flame so it grows brighter, and brighter still.

Sparks of inspiration release energy. And when taken to heart and allowed to be expressed in deeds, they can have power beyond belief.

It helps to keep a lantern at hand that can keep the flame alive. But insights do not want to be confined to a single small, candle-sized flame. It needs to be spread—shared with others and linked up with concepts you’re already excited about.

Sparks are bright, but don’t last long

We’ve heard the expression, Seize the Day, Carpe Diem, as a rational to grasp the opportunity that is at hand. That’s good, but that is a whole different scale than seizing a spark. A day is like a year, compared to the instantaneous awareness of a flashing spark. Many can occur in mere minutes. Speed is necessary, a willingness to act without hesitation.

Seize the sparks that arise within you. Nourish them reverently. For it is your own priceless wisdom offering to play a more active role in how you live. Grab it, protect it, and don’t let go.

Seize the Spark

Carpe Sparkem (Latin)