Help Yourself! These are sparks for you

I think like a writer, like a speaker, like a teacher. I always have a bit more to say that could be helpful, or uplifting, or thought provoking… And retirement does not seem to be slowing down my flow of worthwhile insights.

If anything, it puts a premium on getting them out into the world faster, while I can. And one of my life goals is to blow on as many sparks as I can for others, so they can burn brighter as well.

No Strings Attached

Except that you do not claim my work as your own. Please share what I’m offering, Talk about these ideas. And most importantly, put them into practice. Help spread them around, so they keep igniting more sparks of upbeat energy in an endless cycle. There’s power here, Binkle Power

I intentionally do not have a mailing list or a desire to send out mailings. Instead, I envision my words being cast into the wind – where they will be carried into the lives of individuals who can see the sense of them. I consider this my own WIND BROADCASTING SYSTEM – WBS.

Forward them to your friends. Post them on suitable social media websites, and let the power of the Binkle have its way with you.

Most of these are Instant Downloads – as PDF files

That means you will need to download the specific file to your computer. Then use a PDF reader to open and read it. You can get a free PDF reader from Adobe here.